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Testimonials About Dr. Ken Best Chiropractor Los Angeles, West Hollywood, California

What people are saying about Dr. Best and his new book 
"99 Things You Wish You Knew Before™… Facing Life’s Challenges!"

I am a big believer that improving your life begins by making a conscious decision to be happy.   In this book, Dr. Best gives the reader an opportunity to improve their life with 99 simple steps! It's a guidebook and a must-read for anyone who wants to make a difference in their life! 

– Michael Corbett, best selling author, actor and host of Extra's Mansions and Millionaires.

"I met Dr. Best when I interviewed him about his new energy healing modalities.  It's my job to find as a TV journalist the best and newest trends in Hollywood and Dr. Best is no exception. He has a unique ability to look into the body and employs techniques to break belief systems that create dysfunction and disease.  He helped me overcome a tragedy in my life and supported me with knowledge and insight that I truly needed at the time. He has put together in this book of many simple yet effective techniques that help you break the patterns that are sabotaging your health and what you are creating in your life.  I have no doubt this book will help many people bring more happiness into their lives. Its a great little handbook to refer to weekly after you've read it." 

Ann Shatilla, Emmy Award winning journalist, TV host, producer, media personality (

“Dr. Ken Best is a delight to be around, an amazing healer, and a great friend, he has touched my life and the lives of my family.  Ken has a genuine heart while being professional, courteous and helpful.  His step by step guide helps us to see that we can take control of our own life.” 

– Vianna Stibal, world renowned healer, author and founder of ThetaHealing™ - An Attainable Miracle

" Dr. Ken Best is a healer who takes complicated concepts from many different teachings and makes it easy to understand and use.  His kind spirit is reflected in every page and this is one book you will want to use over and over again as a resource for health. It also makes a great gift for a friend as we all want to experience a life full of energy and vitality.” 

–  John Livesay – author of The 7 Most Powerful Selling Secrets

Ken Best teaches you how to take charge of your life and your reality. So now you can get out of your own way, and have the life you want and so richly deserve!

– Hyla Cass M.D. author of 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health (

As Dr. Play I’m always showing participants in my programs and readers of my book how to get more in touch with their sense of joy and fun. Dr. Ken Best, too, is a proponent of a lifestyle that allows individuals to have more pleasure in their life, and his new book will help the reader begin to achieve these goals. The idea of changing patterns and breaking triggers makes sense and Dr. Best’s way of explaining this is very easy to follow. Want more joy and happiness in your life? Read this book. 

– Howard Papush, author of “WHEN’S RECESS? Playing Your Way Through the Stresses of Life”

Dr Best has an integrated approach to healing which begins with the understanding of the patient on an individual basis. His commitment and integrity allow people to go beyond just a physical improvement. Simply put he is a congruent healer. And that's rarity in our medical world. 

– Rick Yune, actor, producer, writer of The Fifth Commandment

The following excerpts are from letters sent by some of my wonderful clients. 

"You have done for me what no one else has - freed me from pain, thank you."
Geraldine H.
Hollywood, CA

"Without exaggeration, my head and thoughts haven't felt this clear in about nine months. I knew that my ribs and back were out of alignment, but I somehow forgot the impact that ms-alignment can have on the other less evident areas of my life (interpersonal relationships, state of mind, general sense of well being). Gradually, I let discomfort and malaise become the norm. It never ceases to amaze me what 1/2 an hour to 1 hour with Dr. Ken Best can accomplish. As a corrective measure his techniques are highly effective. Who knows what a steady course of preventative/well being sessions could accomplish? I always leave with a glimmer of the magic that I experienced during my very first session.

In a world full of snake oil salesmen and wannabe's, people like Dr. Ken Best are rare. He is the real deal."
Charlie Santore
Los Angeles, CA

“I have seen Ken Best for several years for a chronic chemical reaction and general health issues. I have suffered with this my whole life. Ken was able to assist me with a remedy and I have now gone years without a reaction. My chemical reaction would have me in bed for several days and not feeling well for several months. I think that Ken is truly a one of kind healer. I would highly recommend him to anyone who has health or general well-being issues (and who doesn’t!). I couldn’t be more pleased with his services.”
Dr. Gloria S.
Frenchtown, MT

I am very thankful that I was referred by a friend/work associate as well as warned or else I think I might have gone running away. I was raise by very closed minded people especially when it comes to alternative medicine, but I was desperate and western medicine was failing me. The many main stream doctors that I had consulted and allowed to poke and prod me never could come to a solution let alone the cause. Years of suffering and getting worse I was very fed up.

I thank you Doctor Ken not only for helping me … initially just “to stay awake,” then to have less neck and back pain, understanding what foods were poisoning my body, decrease my trigger points, understand my thought processes better and much, much more … but even more I thank you for dedicating your life to healing people. You have a very special gift and a passion that is most admired. Your dedication to “healing” and “helping” people combined with your compassion is a true virtue.
Heidi H., financial advisor
Sherman Oaks, CA

"If you ever doubt yourself... don't, everything you said happened the way you said it would.  I don't know how it works but it does!"
Jennifer C., actor
Beverly Hills, CA

"They were NOT able to find the esophageal cancer on CT scan just as you predicted after you prayed for me."
Reuben B.
Pensacola, Fl

"The chakra balancing you did on me made me feel as though I was taken back to the womb.  I feel so wonderfully relaxed afterwards.
Donald C.
Los Angeles, CA

Whatever you did Saturday helped immensely I feel much better – have been to the gym 5 times since then. Tomorrow is my first day back to running. It’s been so long. I must not let fear keep me from those first steps.
So yes all is well … many good things happening I feel so different inside these days –almost as if a new being has been beamed down. Thank you Kenneth Best!
Urbarra S. 
Manhattan Beach, CA

This is what I felt from Ken’s treatment:
Heightened relaxed awareness.
Mildly energized.
After the gym – I normally felt exhausted and sore – now it feels energized and not so sore.
Mild anxiety previously is lessened. “I feel like everything is right with the world.”
“Calmer centered and mildly euphoric.”
Better concentration.
Thank you!
Vinnie P., actor
Sydney, Australia

Working with Dr. Best is sometimes hard to quantify like any good preventative medicine it actually corrects the body a few degrees at a time – very much like the captain of a ship adjusting the wheel to keep the boat on course. This is what I feel Dr. Best’s greatest gift is. I have been in his care for the past three years, during that time we have worked on such issues as weight (I lost 22lbs), structural integrity (my right leg was shorter than my left), emotional (healing energy work where my chakras become balanced) core beliefs – it’s ok to have it all, as well as good old fashioned chiropractic adjustments.

What separates Dr. Best from the myriad of other doctors, healers and chiropractors is just his kindness. The minute you meet him and enter his space you instantly feel peaceful. I have developed a deep trust and respect for Dr. Best both as a person and a doctor. The second thing is his complete dedication to being a healer and offering a diverse set of services to facilitate healing. … I also really appreciate Dr. Best’s constant desire to learn and implement new healing modalities. I have come to rely upon him to be my eyes and ears in the health industry.

His judgment about technology, herbs, exercises and detoxification have been impeccable. His dedication goes all the way back to his schooldays when he studied to become a chiropractor and graduated Magna Cum Laude, now that may not mean much to you academically but to me it demonstrates his level of self-mastery. When Dr. Best does his work he does it to the utmost level of integrity and this is why I entrust him with my health.
Kristin D., life coach
Los Angeles, CA

I consider myself to be SO fortunate that someone suggested Dr. Best to me. I had just gotten hit by a car...just my little body vs. tons of metal. I wanted to return to EXACTLY the same limber, toned, agile shape I had been in, although I didn't feel like ANY of those things two weeks after the incident. Also I had no real understanding of Kinesiology and how it worked. 

Within two months he used a creative and constantly shifting combination of machines, therapies and manipulations to bring me TRULY back to top form. 

He is also incredibly aware of the more esoteric aspects that factor into making the most of any course of treatment. He sparingly utilized interesting nutritional supplements. PLUS he is totally fascinating and entertaining."
Lorrie M.
Los Angeles, CA