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Seminars and Workshops by Dr. Best

Los Angeles Chiropractor and Thetahealer Instructor


Dr. Kenneth Best, D.C. graduated Magna Cum Laude from Cleveland Chiropractic College, Los Angeles and has assisted teaching Applied Kinesiology through the ICAK for 7 years.

Dr. Best has also been teaching Thetahealing Basic and Advanced levels for approximately 10 years.

1-Hour Workshop - Stretching & Exercises (in the aerobic room at the Fitness Factory) - TBA

This 1-hour class is designed to teach how to prevent and recover from back injuries utilizing the 'ANCIENT SECRETS OF THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH', and the proper use of foam rollers and balls to remove trigger points which radiate pain in the body. This is an on-going class which can be taken once or become part of your regular fitness regime (packages price discount).

Use these techniques at home on a regular basis to keep a healthy back!

Fee: $20 (5 - package price $15 per session = $75)

Thetahealing - Basic DNA Seminar

3 Day Seminar - TBA

This 3-day class is the introductory class for Thetahealing™. You learn all of the principles of Thetahealing™ and, upon completion, are certified as a Thetahealing™ Practitioner.

In these 3 days you learn about the four brain waves and how to access a theta brain wave to create physical healings and to change your belief systems to create the reality you desire.

You learn the art of muscle testing to uncover what you believe subconsciously. Through hands-on experience you learn how to do intuitive readings, how to look inside the human body, how to activate the 12-stranded DNA and youth and vitality chromosomes, and how to see and speak with guardian angels.

Learn how belief systems can cause disease and sabotage love, money and you.

Fee: $450

Deposit: $225 to hold your space

Contact: Dr. Ken Best 323.655.5515 or 323.828.7782

Time: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Rewriting Your Life - Boot Camp for the Soul

A Two Day Hands-On Intensive Workshop

Warrior Angel

In these two days you will learn all the techniques for changing your life covered in the Rewriting Your Life™ - An Owner’s Manual and get the vital hands-on experience you need to implement change into your life.

In addition to receiving the Rewriting Your Life™ - An Owner’s Manual, the following material will be covered:

  • what the keys are to “Changing Your Limiting Beliefs” and make the Law of Attraction work for you

  • how to identify and stop negative self-talk

  • how to remove the blocks which keep you from creating the life you want

  • how to find and remove the deepest core belief systems which are sabotaging your life

  • the practical application of muscle testing

  • how to download information from the Quantum Field

  • how to get out of the past and move forward with your life

  • how to cancel events which trigger emotional turmoil

  • how to get past phobias and fears

  • how nutrition affects the energy of what you are creating

  • how the Laws of the Universe are affecting your life

  • how to release fear, anger, hatred, depression, guilt and shame

  • how to manifest what you want to create
  • Interested in hosting this workshop? Contact our office to find out how.

    When:  TBA

    Saturday 8:30am to 6 pm and Sunday 9am to 5pm

    Course Fee:  $395.00

    Location:  TBD