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Chiropractic Techniques

Activator Methods

Activator method utilizes a low force adjusting tool to make a correction at a misaligned joint. Dr. Best while trained in Activator, more often than not, utilizes the Adjustor from IMPAC to make the similar corrections previously done with the Activator instrument, which allows for greater diversity depending the patient.

Applied Kinesiology (AK)

Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a very complex technique which was created by George Goodheart, Jr., which Dr. Best studied under. Dr. Best has completed more than 1,000 hours in Applied Kinesiology alone, and has assisted teaching hundreds of other doctors over many years the protocols in AK. The use of AK creates a truly holistic treatment which finds the underlying causes of dysfunction in the body. This technique is ideal for persons truly looking for optimal health. Learn more about AK

Diversified Technique

Diversified technique is the 'standard' general adjusting protocols that are taught it most chiropractic schools. It usually involves finding a line of drive which corrects a subluxation or misaligned joint and then taking a short lever thrust to restore motion to the joint.

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