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Dr. Best with Jessica Simpson on the Price of Beauty. Dr. Ken Best on the Doctors Show. Dr. Best on KTLA5 Morning Show Live Dr. Best on American Health Journal - Mind Body Healing.



Dr. Kenneth Best Celebrity Chiropractor speaks on diet and health. Dr. Best on Fox 11 News with Christine Devine Dr. Ken Best on KCAL9 News Dr. Best Seen on EXTRA.



Facing Life's ChallengesDr. Kenneth Best in the Media

Dr. Kenneth Best is sought after in the media for his expertise in weight loss, stress reduction, nutrition, sports chiropractic and holistic healing. Media outlets can contact Dr. Best directly at (323) 655-5515.

Dr. Kenneth Best - Author

Dr. Best is author of "99 Things You Wish You Knew Before . . . FACING LIFE'S CHALLENGES, which stayed in the top 5 for several months on the Sony Reader. [Purchase on Amazon] Dr. Best is also about to release his much anticipated book "Rewriting Your Life". Dr. Best has published "Rewriting Your Life - An Owner's Manual" a workbook for seminars given by Dr. Best


Insiders Health

Happiness -- With Rewriting Your Life Dr. Ken Best Sheds Some Light on the Elusiveness of Being Happy

from Insider's Health Journal
By  Dr. Kenneth Best, D.C., Community Contributor-- Published: September 02, 2009

Los Angeles Chiropractor Dr. Ken Best on Theta Healing

from Insider's Health Journal
By Dr. Kenneth Best, D.C., Community Contributor Published: July 15, 2009

Awareness MagazineTheta Healing: Rewriting Your Life

from Insider's Health Journal
By Dr. Kenneth Best, D.C., Community Contributor -- Published: June 16, 2009

Detoxify and De-stress Yourself to A Healthier Relationship

from Awareness Magazine

By  Dr. Kenneth Best, D.C.-- Published: May/June 2009

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