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Articles Written by Dr. Kenneth Best, D.C.

Happiness -- With Rewriting Your Life Dr. Ken Best Sheds Some Light on the Elusiveness of Being Happy

Alternative Health Journal

By  Dr. Kenneth Best, D.C., Community Contributor-- Published: September 02, 2009

"People constantly chase happiness and seldom find it, which leaves them feeling miserable.  The idolization of material goods as a source of happiness is usually the culprit.  Happiness brought on by the attainment of things is fleeting and leaves us wanting more.  It is no different from an addiction to drugs for a contrived sense of happiness.

Destress Relationships


Detoxify and De-stress Yourself to A Healthier Relationship

from Awareness Magazine

By  Dr. Kenneth Best, D.C.-- Published: May/June 2009

"In order to have romantic harmony, one needs to foster the opposite chemical state, the parasympathetic system, which is our ability to 'rest, relax and digest.' "




Los Angeles Chiropractor Dr. Ken Best on Theta Healing

By Dr. Kenneth Best, D.C., Community Contributor -- Published: July 15, 2009

Alternative Health Journal

Recognizing that belief systems control most aspects of our lives, Thetahealing™ roots out the limiting belief systems (core beliefs) that cause us harm and keep us from achieving our goals.


Theta Healing: Rewriting Your Life

Alternative Health Journal

By Dr. Kenneth Best, D.C., Community Contributor -- Published: June 16, 2009

Theta is the brain wave frequency we are in while we are asleep dreaming, or in a state of deep hypnosis. The ‘Orion Technique’ utilizes the ‘theta’ brain state to pull and correct negative ‘core beliefs’. In other words, conscious or unconscious beliefs that have blocked your ability to succeed in areas which are important to you - love, career, health - and replaces them with a belief system that supports your goals and needs.

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